Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sundays in October

Countdown time. One week away.

Sundays in October are always dicey...
Can't trust the weather, god knows,
Especially in DC,
has been my experience.

But maybe, maybe, maybe
magic will happen.
The kind you don't find out about
until 20 years later.
That is the best kind,
has been my experience.

Seven days away! Will it be great? A bust?
Guess we'll find out together. Nobody knows.
That's the best part.
NOBODY KNOWS what will, or will not, happen in DC.

Meanwhile today, THIS Sunday was not dicey at all.
Why-we-live-here weather, with the added benefit of boys and girls playing together politely... laughing, gently.

Pacific Center, held a garden party today for friends, old and new. And when an organization like Pacific Center brings in the old and new... feel free to engage in literal interpretation. We had around 40-50 people show up and the age range was early twenties to a few in their eighties. It was very cool.

When I joined Pacific Center as the executive director about a year ago, I learned Carole Migden had been one of the first EDs for the agency. She was instrumental in taking it from a being a project to a real non-profit organization. And, today, because of the hard work of literally hundreds of people,and Carole, Pacific Center has struggled, evolved and thrived to remain the third oldest LGBTQ Center in the country. Thirty-six years old. On a full moon you can practically smell the patchouli oil wafting in the halls... a reminder of support groups past.

So, we celebrated. In Stafford Buckley's lovely garden.
Little quiches and precious nibbles. Muchos mimosas.
And, lots of affection between strangers
whose only bond brought them to the garden.
Here's a photo of Carole and me...
I have NO idea what the hell happened to my hair.
I'll have to get my Do together way better than that for DC, like, for sure.

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