Friday, October 9, 2009

Flip Camera Revolution

Volunteering can be such hell, but sometimes it isn't.
These two are my new media volunteer buddies - all coupled up, fired up and changing their lives, I think.

I'm meeting great people in DC.
Some are people who I remember
most are not.
Some are people who I do remember but would rather not act like I remember.
I shot this phonephoto today because these guys really touched me. They drove up from North Carolina. Activists.

But...back to the Flip Camera Revolution.

I got a taste of this when I rode the goddamn marriage equality caravan bus across the country in 2004. We were wired to the tits. At night, blogging by the glow of 40 laptops.

Oh 2004...Weren't we wearing mullets then?

This time, I hauled so much stuff to DC, in addition to the computer and phone, that I practically had to have a separate suitcase for it all: a Flip Camera on its maiden voyage, one of those USB Verizon stick things so I can access instant gratification online, at will...Big Ass Bose head phones to keep the discordant pitch at bay.. And, a new Nano..yes the one with the trickster FM Radio and a camcorder that probably renders the Flip obsolete...flipped off. The problem isn't really all that stuff, it's the chargers and cords and power packs and stuff that goes with the stuff. I swear, my carry-one weighed 45 pounds. Gee, maybe I need a netbook...

And I am traveling so light (weight) compared to everyone else here, it seems. There must be 10,000 Flip Vidiots in town for this little sashsay down Pennsylvania Ave. Today, I had this idea for a cartoon...It's a scene of the rally. And you know how everyone used to wave lighters at the stage during the really goooood songs? Well, it's kinda like that...only we are all waving our Flip cameras at David Mixner (who seems genuinely perplexed), together, ready to upload hope to the universe. The Flip camera revolution. It could work. Good visual.

Meanwhile, aren't these boys cute. They really are working hard.
Everyone who is trying to pull this thing off is working really, really, really hard.
Even all the little princes of all gender identities and sexual orientations.
And lo, they are legion.


  1. Isn't GREAT that you don't remember most of your new activists? Isn't it just GREAT that new folks are with all of us?
    Just thought I'd mention it.

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