Thursday, September 10, 2009

Well, here I go ... again

September 10th, 2009

This will be my 9th or 10th (but who's counting, right?) trip to DC for LGBTQ-XYZ civil rights. The first was the '87 March and the last the 2004 Marriage Equality Caravan. In between, I traveled with the NAMES Project AIDS Memorial Quilt to DC every year and was one of the organizers of the '93 March on Washington for Lesbian, Gay and Bi Equal Rights and Liberation (I am one of probably only 13 people on earth who can quote the official march title, the tale of which is a novella all its own).

This may be my most conflicted trip yet.

Soo...other than it's a bad habit, why am I going?

1. It's time to turn the heat up, not down, on this administration. NOBODY has ever given us anything without us demanding it first. We need to change our strategy of going state to state -begging for crumbs - to one of demanding action on a Federal level.

2. It's important that old farts like me support the old farts of the future (who are the young turks of today and organizers of this march).

3. This march is a real test to see if we really can mobilize people a different way. A more effective, cost conscious way. It's one thing to get 10,000 people to every City Hall in California after Prop 8 and a whole 'nother thing to convince people to travel across the country.

3. I know a lot of people who would like to go, but can't. I can go, and will carry their thoughts with me.

I'll be in DC from Oct 8th-13th, talking to people who have made the trip, asking them why. I'll also be checking in with the DC LGBT community... or communities to be more specific. In the past, national marches and those organizing them have been held in some contempt by the locals: the carpetbagger scenario. I'm wondering if the organizers of this march have invited the hosts....

Comments? Ideas? Dinning tips???
Lemme know.


  1. Bravo that you are going! I'll be following your blog. For dining, have crab cakes at the historic Old Ebbit Grill (675 15th St NW, one block from WH). Go in the afternoon when it's not too crowded. Enjoy yourself!

  2. No dining suggestions, just excellent memories - yes, every place I've ever dined with you in DC was great.
    I'll be following you as one of those who can not go this time.
    Advice - stay away from people with clipboards, they will want you to volunteer. And, enjoy yourself you beautiful activist!

  3. A trip to DC isn't complete without going to Annies! I am getting a list together of glbt friendly establishments for our visitors.
    Sharone in DC

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