Saturday, September 19, 2009

Just one question...

Right on Schedule... Let the eating of our own begin.

In the last couple of weeks there has been a lot of back and forth chatter as a result of leaders of this march referring to the "old" strategy of gaining rights on a state-by-state, proposition-by-proposition, basis as being outdated and calling for nothing less than a sweeping federal action. There's been a real "us" v.s. "them" response and rebuttal thing going on.

News alert!. We've been following a dual (at least) track of demanding state and federal action simultaneously for as long as I can remember. What really got
everyone's pants in a bunch was Cleve Jones calling all the tireless lawyering and proposition proposing of the last 20+ years or so a "Failed Strategy."

them's fightn' words...

And, believe me, Cleve knows it. I'm sure from his activist perspective, he thought that it was time to do a little stick-poking to bring attention to this march. OK, Cleve, you got our attention. For a minute, maybe.

Frankly, all this broohaahaa over words seems divisive to me. And boring. And nothing new.

Not that anyone cares what I think...(But, here it comes anyway)...I think all these battles won-and-lost state-by-state over the last 20 years have brought us to where we are today: we have an overwhelming body of legislative evidence pointing to the logical conclusion that it is time to make our case for a national response. All the work of the last 20 years has brought us to a kind of "critical mass" point, timing-wise, to demand national policy changes. We also have a congressional majority for the first time in forever that might even act in our interest, if we are willing to push them hard enough to do it.

So, I just have one question...
Can somebody tell me why I should have fewer (or more) rights in some states than in others?

Did we settle for a state-by-state set of rights and funding for people living with AIDS? (Did I just ask a second question?)

Ahh, no. No, we did not. We fought that tooth and nail. We demanded a response at the federal level. But we were very, very angry then. Much more then, than now. And, I hope we never have to be that angry, that desperate, again in my lifetime.

Meanwhile, speaking of HIV issues...for those who will be in DC, I just found out that there will be an AIDS vigil/rally on the Ellipse (behind the White House) on Oct 10
th, 5:30 PM

Finally, on to the most important topic of my trip to DC : Where shall I eat? So far I have Annies (been there, done that) and the Florida Grill (been there, loved that). Alas, this trip will be vegan-free and there will be red meat and bourbon in the mix. DC, to me, is a manhattan on the rocks kind of place.

Grrrr. And, NO cherry!

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